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Specialist Services from a Local Building Company

Are you looking for a reputable, experienced brickwork contractor for a home development or new build project? Whether you’re planning one of our single- or double-storey extensions, or you want to build a home from scratch, JS Construction provides flexible brickwork services throughout West Yorkshire. We’re happy to undertake services as a bricklayer in a wider project, creating the shell of a new build. However, our brickwork service is also a cornerstone feature of the projects we manage to completion ourselves.

Based in Leeds, we are the trusted local building company in the city and all surrounding areas. This includes key service areas such as Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Wakefield and York, to name a few. From single-storey extensions to full home renovations, our brickwork expertise lays the foundations for the exemplary results we achieve across West Yorkshire.

Our Brickwork Services

As your brickwork contractor, we provide the following:

  • Brickwork-only services for construction projects
  • Building exterior shells for new builds and extensions
  • Brickwork as part of projects our company manages
  • Garden walls, porches and knock-throughs

In addition, the team at our local building company also excels at blockwork and stonework.

Put simply, to whatever extent your project requires brickwork, JS Construction can help. To schedule an initial consultation with a member of our team, call us on 07841 484742. During this meeting, we listen to your needs before presenting all viable options.

The Difference Between Brickwork, Blockwork and Stonework

To ensure smooth progression through every phase of your project, and results that meet your expectations, it’s important to know exactly what you want and need when it comes to masonry. As such, below, we have briefly outlined the differences between brickwork, blockwork and stonework, three services we provide as your local building company.


As a ubiquitous feature on homes not just in Leeds and West Yorkshire, but across the country, you’re likely highly familiar with brickwork. Bricks themselves come in a uniform shape and size, and their light weight means they have a lower dead load.

Bricks are easier to handle and transport, cheaper than stones and blocks, and produce thinner walls. Our brickwork contractors can also use different mortar types to suit various structural requirements.


This construction method uses larger blocks manufactured from concrete or cement. While their size varies, they’re typically much larger than a standard brick. However, they also have a hollow centre. This makes them lighter, easier to work with and improves their capacity for insulation.

The bricks we lay as a local building company in Leeds and West Yorkshire have aesthetic value, but the same isn’t true of blocks. You will most likely use them for an internal wall, retaining wall, or cover them with an outer layer, such as render.


As the name suggests, when using this construction technique, our brickwork contractors supply and lay stones, creating strong, durable and weather-resistant masonry. Of course, stone is a naturally occurring material, so it comes in a variety of textures, sizes and colours. The natural qualities of stone also make it incredibly robust, so it has fantastic longevity with little to no need for repairs and maintenance.

However, stone masonry is thick and heavy, so it can result in reduced floorspace. The stones themselves are more difficult to handle than bricks and blocks, and more expensive too.

Call 07841 484742 to speak with one of our brickwork contractors. Find out what makes us the local building company of choice in Leeds and West Yorkshire.


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