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The Benefits of Our Single- and Double-Storey Extensions

What is the main motivation behind your decision to extend your home? As time-served house extension builders, we help property owners across West Yorkshire realise their dreams of having a larger, more functional property. In almost every case, the biggest reason for investing in single- or double-storey extensions is to create more habitable space. Accumulating possessions, a growing family or making the switch to working from home – it’s easy to feel like your house is shrinking with each passing year.

Operating out of Leeds, JS Construction is the local building company you can trust in Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Wakefield, York and the wider West Yorkshire area. Whether you want one of our single-storey extensions or a structural addition over two floors, we deliver bespoke results tailored to your design aspirations and lifestyle requirements.

Why Extend Your Current Home?

While increasing the size of your property’s footprint is an appealing benefit of extending, it’s only one of many. Below, we have looked at some of the other advantages that our house extension builders can help you achieve.

Avoid the Wasted Costs of Moving

In 2021, the average cost of moving house was almost £12,000. Of course, this figure varies for individual households based on location and other variables. However, it shows just how many costs the process involves, including stamp duty, legal and estate agent fees, house surveys, removal company costs and more.

Naturally, single- and double-storey extensions involve a sizeable outlay too. But the money you spend stays locked up in the value of your Leeds or West-Yorkshire-area home. When you work with a reputable local building company like JS Construction, the quality of our workmanship also results in a healthy increase in market value.

If you decide to sell in the future, you can still benefit from the money you invest in your extension.

Stay Where You Are Happy

Are you happy in your current neighbourhood? Do you struggle to see yourself living anywhere else, at least for a while yet? If this is true for you, hiring our house extension builders makes the ideal solution.

Our double- and single-storey extensions allow you to stay put, but without compromising on the amount of living space you need for a happy life. What’s more, you can maintain, and continue to grow, all the community bonds you have established over the years.

Avoid the Stress of Moving

Be it in Leeds, the neighbouring areas or anywhere else in the country, moving house is one of the most stressful experiences you can put yourself and your family through. There’s the inherent anxiety of the buying-and-selling process – but then there’s managing your own job, possibly changing your children’s school and trying to appease pets.

There are various reasons why the “improve, don’t move” concept continues to grow in popularity – and eliminating the stress of moving is at the forefront. When it comes to kids, our local building company can also help you stay in the catchment area of a desirable local school.

And Many More…

  • Our Leeds-based house extension builders create new rooms in line with your needs, be it an extra bedroom, an additional bathroom, home office or cinema
  • Double-storey extensions unlock the potential of your premises, adding at least two new rooms in the same footprint as a single-storey structure
  • We can combine single-storey extensions with an internal remodel, creating the kind of open-plan setting you have always dreamed of
  • The government has made the temporary relaxation of permitted development rights permanent, so your project may not need planning permission

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